Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities

    • Basic Sciences are fundamental to all engineering and technology studies. The humanities studies have an important role to play. They enable the students to appreciate the social, political and economic impact of technology and consequently how to influence that.

      The Department of Basic Science and Humanities comprises of experienced, dedicated and highly qualified faculty members who provide a comprehensive knowledge of Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Economics and Management, Communication Skills, and Environmental and Social Sciences to the Engineering students.

    • At the heart of MPGI is the relevance and rigor of its research, teaching and learning materials. The experience and talents of our faculty combine to create world-class research results as well as teaching excellence. The result is top-notch educational programmes, and cutting-edge research that extend the frontiers of knowledge. MPGI's prolific research output both identifies current trends in today's demanding educational environment, and explores principles that guide longer-term success.

      The Faculty – one collaborative environment

      We have a strong emphasis on pooling academic resources and expertise across our Institutions, creating richer undergraduate experiences, new training programs, and a host of new collaborative research opportunities.

    • # Faculty Name Qualification Designation
      1 Dr.Anupama Mathur Ph.d. Asst.Prof
      2 Mr.Krishnakant Mishra Ph.d. Asst.Prof
      3 Mrs.Veena M.Tech Asst.Prof
      4 Mr.Rajeev Mishra B.Tech, MBA Asstt. Prof
      5 Dr.Pankaj Shingh Ph.D. Asstt .Prof
      6 Mrs.Punam Upadhayay MA Sr.Lecturer
      7 Dr.Anju Sachan Ph.d. Sr.Lecturer
      8 Mr.Sujeet Kumar Singh M.Sc. Sr. Lecturer
      9 Mr.Anjani Kumar Mishra M.Sc.,M.Phil Sr.Lecturer
      10 Mr.Sudhakar Gupta Ph.D. Sr.Lecturer
      11 Mr.Akhilesh Kushwaha M.Sc. Lecturer
      12 Mr.Ashish Singh Yadav M.Sc. Lecturer
      13 Mrs.Deepti Mishra M.Sc. Lecturer
      14 Mr.Masood Ahmad M.Sc. Lecturer
      15 Mrs.Nazneen Khan M.Sc. Lecturer

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