Student Projects & Innovations

    Bluetooth Based Home Automation System

  • All the electrical equipment in the HOME could be connected to the system, and then operated with the Help of the Mobile Phone ( The system would connect through the Bluetooth). e.g. Switching on Fans, Air Conditioner, CFL's, Bulb, Television etc.

    The Project has been developed over Arduino.

    Project by Divyanshu, Jaydeep, Anurag, Rishabh under the guidance of Mr. Ashish Gupta.


  • Battery operated car run by Solar Energy.

    Team : Anurag, Prateek, Prabhakar, Arpit, Anuj

    Go-kart (Racing Machine) Model

  • Go-kart Project by MPEC Students

    Team : Utkarsh, Saurabh, Saugandh, Vimal, Vikas, Shubham

    Electric Bike

  • Electric Bike Project by MPEC Students

    Team : Abhishek, Alok, Amit, Devendra, Amit Yadav

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