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    1 Optimal Performance Analysis of SI Engine using Ethanol as a fuel. Shyamsher Saroj (M.Tech, IIT-BHU) – ME
    2 Surface Nano Crystallization of the metallic material through shot peening. Prince Kr. Gupta (M.Tech-NIT, Bhopal) –ME
    3 Beneficiation of low grade graphite ore by froth flotation Piyush Malhotra (IIT, ISM, Dhanbad)-ME
    4 Wear Behavior Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites Rajneesh Verma (M.Tech-NIT, Karnataka)
    5 Attitude of Indian Engineering and Management Student towards self employment Manoj Kumar (M.Tech- MNNIT, Allahabad)
    6 Artificial Intelligence base optimization of weld bead geometry in laser welding of Al-Mg alloy sheet. Published in IJMER Manoj Kumar (M.Tech- MNNIT, Allahabad)
    7 “Creativity : A quality of design engineer” published in VSRD Journals Aditya Prakash Mishra (M.Tech – purs.)
    8 “Cubic Spline” a Curve Fairing Technique” published in Inventi Journals Aditya Prakash Mishra (M.Tech – purs.)
    9 “Benefits and Difficulties in E-Content Generation and its Implementation” in the National Seminar at NITTTR, Chandigarh Aditya Prakash Mishra (M.Tech – purs.)
    10 Determining the effect cutting parameters on surface roughness in hard turning of AISI D2 steel using TAGUCHI method Saurabh Tripathi (M.Tech)
    11 Development of consecutive model for ultra high molecular weight polyethylene based composite for ballistic application Narendra Kashyap (M.Tech)
    12 Sensor Less Vector Control of PMSM by using state observer (Luean Berger Observer) Lovi Kaushal (M.Tech, Ph.D. –Purs.)
    13 Distance Protection of Transmission Lines Anita Tripathi (M.Tech, Ph.D.)
    14 Protection of Transmission Line against Transients and Search Effects Anita Tripathi (M.Tech, Ph.D.)
    15 Financial Sector Reforms and Economic Development in India Dr. Mamta Shukla (Ph.D.)
    16 “Economic Reforms and Indian Agriculture”, Chapter in Edited Book, India in Global Economy Dr. Mamta Shukla (Ph.D.)
    17 “Indian System of Medicine: Origin, Growth and Development of Ayush” published in Indian Journal of Development Research and Social Action Dr. Mamta Shukla (Ph.D.)
    18 Role of Rural Non-farm Sector in U.P. published in UPUEA Economic Journal Dr. Mamta Shukla (Ph.D.)
    19 “How to overcome the Internationalization barriers in 5th National Conference 2009 organized by Rajeev Academy of Management Studies Jagmohan Bhatia (MBA)
    20 Contributed in national Seminar on Rural market in India paper entitled “Importance of I.T. in Rural Development” organized by Vidya School of Business Jagmohan Bhatia (MBA)
    21 “Strategic Human Resource Issue in Corporate Governance in National Conference 2009 organized by RBMI, Bareilly Jagmohan Bhatia (MBA)
    22 Time Frequency Analysis and Wavelet Transform Mohit Srivastava (M.Tech)
    23 Continuous Extrusion of microcellular thermoplastic sheet foams by CBA using slit die Nandini Sawhney M.Tech (IIT)
    24 “Simulation of 3-Φ VSI For ASDs Using Space Vector PWM” Ashish Gupta (M.Tech-HBTI)
    25 “Analysis of Three Phase Space Vector PWM Voltage Source Inverter for ASD’s” (International Journal) published in IJETAE Ashish Gupta (M.Tech-HBTI)
    26 “Energy level of FEC based message delivery schemes in wireless sensor networks” (International Journal) published in VSRD Ashish Gupta (M.Tech-HBTI)
    27 (IEEE Supported National Conference HBTI, Kanpur) Paper : “Embedded Implementation of Space Vector Modulation using FPGA” Ashish Gupta (M.Tech-HBTI)
    28 “A SURVEY ON DATA PROCESSOING PROTOCOLS IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS” International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology, ISSN 2277-9655, Scientific Journal Impact Factor: 3.449 September, 2014. Brisheket Suman Tripathi (M.Tech.)
    29 “Minimum Transmitting Power And Other Performance Metrics Regular Wsn In Fading Environment ” International Journal of New Trends In Electronics and Communication (IJNTEC), April 2014. Brisheket Suman Tripathi (M.Tech.)
    30 “PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK USING HEXAGONAL TOPOLOGY,” Proc. IEEE Symp. Communication Control & Intelligent Systems (CCIS 2015), IEEE Press, 07-08 Nov.2015, CCIS.2015.(ID-36597). Brisheket Suman Tripathi (M.Tech.)
    31 Basics of OFDM & Characteristics of Mobile Radio Channel Sharad Kumar Gupta & Pragati Ojha
    32 A Study on Security Issues Related to Wireless Communication Pragati Ojha & Sharad Kumar Gupta
    33 “A Comparative analysis of Wireless Sensor Network With Zigbee Transciever”, in 2nd National Conference on ADVANCES IN COMMUNICATION, COMPUTER & ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, ACCE-13: April 6,7 2013, pp 33 at MITRC, Alwar. [ACCE13-2-90] Kapil Dev Jha
    34 “Design & Simulation of Zigbee Transceiver System Based on MSK and QPSK Using Matlab”, in International Journal of New Trends in Electronics and Communication (IJNTEC), Vol.1, Issue. 4, pp 5-9 Nov. 2013. Kapil Dev Jha
    35 “ ZigBee: A Next Generation Data Communication Technology “ in International Journal of Innovative Trends in Engineering (IJITE), ISSN: 2395-2946 , VOLUME- 08, NUMBER -1 , 2015, pp 28-33 Kapil Dev Jha & Sharad Kumar Gupta
    36 "Performance Enhancement in Wireless Sensor Network using Hexagonal Topology", in Proc. of International Conference on Communication, Control and Intelligent Systems "CCIS 2015" (IEEE), pp. 117-123 Brisheket Suman Tripathi
    37 "Second Generation Neural Network for Two Dimensional Problems", in International conference on Green Computing and Engineering Technologies (ICGCET'16) organized by Department of Energy Technology, Section for Power Electronics Systems, Aalborg University, Niels Bohrs Vej 8, 6700 Esbjerg DENMARK. The papers after successfully presented in the conference will publish in following Scopus Index Journal:
    • International Journal of Software Engineering and Its Applications (IJSEIA)
    • International Journal of Control and Automation (IJCA)
    • Indian Journal of Science and Technology (IJST)
    Manmohan Shukla
    38 Journal : IJSER, Comparative Alalysis of BER Performance of IDMA with OFDM-IDMA Vikas Chawla

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