Director's Message

Dr. Punyatma Singh,
Served IIT, Kanpur
as Professor of Mathematics
for his entire Professional Career.

I take this opportunity to present the students of MPGI. We have left no stone unturned in making our students Industry ready. In current scenario, every organization is vouching for self-driven, passionate individual having clear focus in line with mission and vision of the organization.

In MPGI, The technical inputs given to students are well supported by an array of well structured assignments and projects. To aid our technical education, MPGI has taken initiative to hold the technical seminars with IIT professors who deliver insightful talks on various technical topics.

We have also tied up with certain leading corporate to provide live projects to our students to get hands-on exposure. Students are also encouraged to work in groups and to make presentation on various technical and general topics. The most fascinating part of these presentations is the discussion that students and faculty brings to the table. Sometimes these deliberations do last for hours and hours.

Moreover we conduct regular academic audits, faculty development programs to ensure the quality and effective delivery. We have spent considerable amount of time and energy in moulding and equipping our students with right skill set and attitude to survive in the fast changing complex business environment. I am sending my students as change agents who not only deliver their professional commitments but also fulfill their social responsibility.

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