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Encuentro - The live Wire Cultural festival

Encuentro Festival at MPGI

Encuentro is an energetic 3 day fun filled adrenaline infused cultural festival which fires up the students on various levels. We have numerous categories as the cultural art fest, Robotics, Astrophysics etc. The festival ends with a nerve-wrecking treasure hunt which is spread over the 50 acre campus!

It's a completely 'by the student - for the student - with the student' affair! They conduct various competitions under various categories and get student enrolments for each of them. The show is entirely run by the students and the dates are decided according to the space availability and other logistics. The winners are awarded and the required support is provided by the faculty.

The three day festival has every evening culminating with a cultural extravaganza as a kavi-sammelan or a rock concert.

The students truly enjoy the whole experience of intellectual stimulation and a zest for fun and frolic with a backdrop of the familiarity and safety of the campus and surroundings.

Celebrities Visits @ MPGI

Celebrities Visits

MPGI has hosted a variety of celebrities at various times. The idea has always been to introduce the young minds to as many experiences and facets of life as possible.

We have had visits by the Bollywood bigwigs as Mr. Arbaaz Khan and at the same time we have had some soulful poetic performances by Kailash Kher and Palash Sen of Euphoria Fame.

We have had some erudite experiences at the campus as well with authors as Chetan Bhagat exchanging sparkling views on various topics from Education to Life Skills.

Celebrations @ MPGI

mpgi celebrations

Apart from the annual event and the visits, we have a several celebrations at all times during the year. India is truly a land of festivals and with the cultural diversity that the students get to the campus, one cannot help but learn more about each other. We have all celebrations like Diwali, Holi, Christmas, New Year, Ganesh Chaturthi etc. The students ensure that they are with each other when they cannot be with the families.

We also have a full fledged freshers party for the new comers across all streams. There is always a big event followed by the crowning of Mr and Ms Fresher. The students enjoy such events as they provide them an opportunity to let down the hair and enjoy themselves, even if they are not with their families or familiar people.

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