Student Speak

Tanvi Shah
MPGI has provided me with great knowledge and a lot of wonderful experiences.
B.Tech(Final Year)

Sameer Pratap Chauhan
Engineering needs creativity. MPGI cherish that on part of faculties & students.
B.Tech(Final Year)

Abhishek Dubey
I am grateful for the need that MPGI fulfilled in my life. The excellence of our faculty, the strength of our research programs, and the commitment to the education of future generations of leaders have placed the Institute at the forefront of higher education.
B.Tech(Final Year)

Anchal Srivastava
I have gained specific skill set necessary to succeed in my career. All thanks to the faculty and platform provided by MPGI.
B.Tech(Final Year)

Anjali Rai
Choosing engineering as my career was a dream come true. At MPGI I have accomplished the same. Along with my faculty members helped me in planning, developing and honing my communication skills, which has an adherent impact to my personality.
B.Tech(Final Year)

Navneet Tandon
Pursuing my degree at MPGi has been an all round experience. The practical sessions were much more emphasized upon, which has helped me gain precedence in my studies and my placement.
B.Tech(Final Year)

Nitesh Kumar Singh
Attending MPGI has been invaluable to my career. MPGI has given me the immense confidence and opportunities to excel in my career.
B.Tech(Final Year)

Pratibha Chaurasia
My experience at MPGI has created greater insight into how the business world works and laid the initial foundation for my career
B.Tech(Final Year)

Pratiksha Pandey
The education and experience that I gained from MPGI has allowed an easy, smooth, and rewarding career. The curriculum, the faculty, and the students provided the environment to stimulate my learning. I am pleased to tell all that I am a MPGI graduate
B.Tech(Final Year)

Rachit Darbari
The preparation I received at MPGI has allowed me to achieve the objectives set to shape my career for the future.
B.Tech(Final Year)

Sarthak Seth
As a student MPGI has shaped my life in immeasurably positive ways.
B.Tech(Final Year)

Vaibhav Awasthi
MPGI gave me exposure to interesting people, situations, and challenged me in ways those were new to me. Proud to be a Pratapian.
B.Tech(Final Year)

Vinay Kumar
The years I have spent at MPGI have been the most memorable. I have made really good friends and best friends as we are all united by work. The faculty has been very friendly, approachable and had answers to all my questions.
B.Tech(Final Year)

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