Sports Adrenaline

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This age-old idiom has stood the test of time and proved true time and again. The importance of good physical activity teamed with playing a sport, for better academic excellence has been reiterated since eons by all.

We at MPGI only second the wonderful notion that sports teaches life lessons which classroom teaching cannot even begin to unravel. Towards the same, we provide our students various options to involve themselves in various sports activities, on a physical as well as an intellectual level.

indoor games

Indoor Sports Arena

MPGI offers flat and hard surface indoor basketball courts which is completely free from obstructions. Badminton courts for the youngsters who have a love for shuttles along with a volleyball court which ensures that students have a variety in the sports zone. The much-preferred game of Table Tennis is also a part of the sports mix.

Apart from these physically challenging activities, we have the all-time favorite brain scratcher – Chess and India’s beloved – Carrom. There are other board games to keep the students occupied on an intellectual level.

outdoor sports

Outdoor Sports

We offer jogger’s lane in the campus and a specially defined Yoga area to ensure that the Yoga aficionados and the happy walkers have a designated space to practice their love for the activity. There are two sports coaches and one yoga guru to guide the students for all-round physical and mental health scenarios.

Sports - Football tournament

Zonal Sports Festival by AKTU

MPGI has been the chosen nodal center for hosting the much prestigious Sports Festival which is organized by Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU). These festivals invite the colleges across UP to involve and show their sports prowess.

Festive Fervour

Encuentro 2

Encuentro - The live Wire Cultural festival

Encuentro is an energetic three-day fun-filled adrenaline-infused cultural festival which fires up the students on various levels. We have numerous categories as the cultural art fest, Robotics, Astrophysics etc. The festival ends with a nerve-wracking treasure hunt which is spread over the 50-acre campus!

It’s completely ‘by the student – for the student – with the student’ affair! They conduct various competitions under various categories and get student enrollments for each of them. The show is entirely run by the students and the dates are decided according to the space availability and other logistics. The winners are awarded and the required support is provided by the faculty.

The three-day festival has every evening culminating with a cultural extravaganza as a kavi-sammelan or a rock concert.

The students truly enjoy the whole experience of intellectual stimulation and a zest for fun and frolic with a backdrop of the familiarity and safety of the campus and surroundings.

Kailash Kher

Celebrities Visits @ MPGI

MPGI hosted many celebrities in the cultural festivals over the years. The idea has always been to introduce the young minds to as many experiences and facets of life as possible.

We have had visits by the Bollywood bigwigs such as Mr. Arbaaz Khan and at the same time we have had some soulful poetic performances by Kailash Kher and Palash Sen of Euphoria Fame.

We have had some erudite experiences at the campus as well with authors as Chetan Bhagat exchanging sparkling views on various topics from Education to Life Skills.

Independence day celebrations MPGI

Celebrations @ MPGI

Apart from the annual event and the visits, we have several celebrations at all times during the year. India is truly a land of festivals and with the cultural diversity that the students get to the campus, one cannot help but learn more about each other. We have all celebrations like Diwali, Holi, Christmas, New Year, Ganesh Chaturthi, etc. The students ensure that they are with each other when they cannot be with their families.

MPGI also ensures that a full-fledged freshers party is organized for the newcomers across all the streams. There is always a big event followed by the crowning of Mr. and Ms. Fresher. The students enjoy such events as they provide them an opportunity to let down the hair and enjoy themselves, even if they are not with their families or familiar people.

Academic 1

Academic Ardour

Academic ardour is a spotlight on education and overall development of the students and will always remain the main focus for us. However, we take learning to be the final goal, not just knowledge. The knowledge needs to get transformed into ideas, expanded thinking and an overall development of the personality.

Academic 2

The academic part of the learning is taken care by our esteemed and well-rounded faculty. We have an extremely well-balanced mixed bag of faculty, ranging from PhD holder with 25 years of experience to 10 year experienced and fresh passouts with a new age thinking brain. Our objective is to ensure that the student receives all the information and knowledge from all quarters, to further ensure perceptive and mature outlook to all the knowledge.


We also have academic collaborations with industry leaders like JBM, and international knowledge pools like University Sains Malaysia; MAHSA University, Selangor, Malaysia and Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), Surabaya, Indonesia; with guarantee of being in perfect alignment with the industry.


Apart from classroom teaching, we deliver elite technical training to our students which goes hand in hand with the bookish knowledge. We have tie-ups with various organisations to ensure that we are well aware of what is the current requirement within the industry. Our efficient technical trainers take on the responsibility to ensure that the students are seasoned in the area of knowledge implementation and technical training.

training session

For increased employability, we further hone the soft skills of the students by providing them personality development classes, which starts from the second semester. We also provide added soft skills coaching as interview skills, group discussions and mock sessions before the student has to face the job interviews. These further guarantee that our students fare well in all departments of employability.

Social Reverence

“I believe Social Responsibility begins with a strong competitive company. Only a healthy enterprise can improve and enrich the lives of people and their communities” Jack Welsh, Author, and Philanthropist Chairman and CEO of General Electric (1981-2001). Being in touch with our human selves and moral obligations is as important as staying abreast of the global happenings in the industry. We at MPGI understand and honor our moral commitments with much compassion and sincerity.

blood donation

Blood Donation Camps

Believing that blood donation is highly noble and the most honorable donation one can do. Blood donation camps have always been held at MPGI campuses. Both students and faculty members take part in the blood donation drives with equal fervor.

dental checkup

Free Dental Camps

Maharana Pratap Dental Camps (MPDC) have been very actively holding free dental camps for the less fortunate and for the people from neighboring villages to spread awareness about good and proper dental hygiene. This is done on a regular basis and a frequent manner.

Rangoli and Art event

Art Exhibitions

MPGI holds exhibitions for the NGOs with differently-abled kids. These exhibitions showcase the paintings, artwork and crafts done by these kids to offer them the motivation they need to continuously work towards financial independence.