Hostel Rules & Regulations

For all Hostellers


  • Every student residing in the hostel becomes a member of its mess. Only vegetarian food is provided in the mess.
  • All the resident students shall observe rules and regulations of the hostels. They should also observe quiet hours during 10:00 pm to 06:00 am during which the noise from the source should not be loud enough to disturb the fellow residents as well as the other residents of the campus. During non-quiet hours too, unnecessary or non-essential noise must be avoided.
  • The resident students can not host guests/outsiders in their rooms during the night without the written permission of the Warden/Chief Warden.
  • The student shall be responsible for conduct of his/her permitted guest in the hostel including any financial charges that may result from damages, if any.
  • The resident students are responsible for the condition/ upkeep of their rooms and all the furnishings assigned to them. They should return these to the hostel authorities in good condition while vacating/ moving out from the room. If the room is damaged, disfigured and defaced, or its furnishings damaged or lost, the residents are financially responsible and shall pay the assessed cost with fine, if any.
  • Electrical/Electronic items (other than calculators, mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers), not allowed/permitted to students in hostel, shall not be kept.
  • Life threatening and other banned items such as weapons, narcotics etc. shall not be brought in to the campus premises/hostels. If such items are found during search or otherwise, the items will be taken away and disciplinary proceedings will be initiated. Only electrical/electronic items of hostel inmates may be returned as and when the college authorities find it appropriate to do so.
  • Use of internet facilities for indecent purposes is strictly prohibited.
  • Visitors of the opposite gender are strictly prohibited to enter residential rooms of any hostel any time during the 24 hours of the day.
  • All the hostel inmates shall inform of any change in contact number and address of parent/guardian as and when it happens to warden as well as administrative officer for timely needful change in hostel and academic records.
  • No hostel inmate shall leave the hostel for outstation without prior and proper permission of the warden/ chief warden for holidays and HOD, in addition, for working days of the college.
  • Hostel inmates visiting city and surroundings in permitted hours shall leave the campus after making proper entry in the daily in-out register at the main gate and return in time as notified seasonally. In case, their is likelihood of overstay than permitted hours, its intimation should be given to the warden/ chief warden within permitted hours without fail.

Expulsion of the student from the hostel


  • If the act(s) of indiscipline of student(s) vitiate(s) the atmosphere of the hostel(s), the student(s) may be expelled for a specified period or forever from the hostel. When the student(s) is/are expelled from the hostel, then his/her (their) parent(s)/ legal guardian(s) are required to execute a bond that he/she (they) will reside in Kanpur district at a suitable place which will not be in radius of at least ten km from the college campus and that he/she (they) will not indulge in any act of indiscipline; else, he/she (they) will attract rustication/ expulsion from the university.
  • There shall be a permanent record card of each student of the university in which entries will be made of his/her act(s) of indiscipline and punishment(s) awarded as well as punishment(s) revoked.