M.Tech - Electronics & Communication

Course established in 2004

Total seats available: 18


Must have passed 4-year B.Tech (Electronics & Communication).


Duration- 2 Years

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is the discipline which utilizes nonlinear and active electrical components (such as semiconductor devices, especially transistors, diodes and integrated circuits) to design electronic circuits, devices, VLSI devices and related systems. Electronics and Communication Engineering is divided into two broad categories – Analog Electronics – in which electronic systems deal with continuously variable signal and Digital electronics – which deals with basic gates, combination logic circuits, transistors, amplifiers, flip-flops and many more devices. EC engineers engage in research, design, development and testing of the electronic equipment used in various systems.


ECE deals with electronic devices, circuits, communication equipment like transmitter, receiver and Integrated Circuits (IC). It also deals with basic electronics, analogue and digital transmission & reception of data, voice and video (Example AM, FM, DTH), microprocessors, satellite communication, microwave engineering, antennae and wave progression. It aims to equip students in their professional work involving analysis, systems implementation, operation, production and maintenance of the various applications in the field of Electronics and Communications Engineering.


  • 20+ Publications from the faculty members in prestigious journals as International Journal for Engineering Sciences. International Journal of new trends in EC, indexed in ESCI and Scopus journal as Engineering Science and Technology. Electronics and Communication Engineering and many more.
  • Frequent invited talks by esteemed Academicians from IIT Kanpur to enhance the knowledge of students in the latest technologies like 56 communication and VLC (Visible Light Communications).
  • 8 well-furnished modern classrooms equipped with Smart Boards, LCD Projectors and Audio/Video Players.
  • Regular Seminars/Trainings organised for the Faculty to keep them aligned with the developments in the industry.