M.Tech - Mechanical Engineering

Course established in 2000

Total seats available: 09


Must have passed 4-year B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering).


Duration- 2 Years

The Evergreen Branch, Mechanical Engineering (ME) is the application of the principles and problem-solving techniques of engineering from design to manufacturing to the marketplace for any object. Mechanical Engineers analyse their work using the principles of Motion, Energy and Force — ensuring that designs function safely, efficiently and reliably, all at a competitive cost.


  • Mechanics: Study of the interconnection of various bodies with each other and the resultant response of any other body, when input in terms of motion is given to a link.
  • Dynamics: Studied systems are dynamic like velocity, acceleration, vibration, gyroscopic effects etc, are extensively looked upon for a variety of cases.
  • Material: This topic deals with the observation of metallurgy and properties of engineering materials.
  • Manufacturing: Production using labour and machines. tools, chemicals and biological processing or formulation.
  • Thermodynamics: The branch that deals with the relations between heat, temperature and other forms of energy.
  • Computation and Design: This topic deals with the application of all the above topics in a multi-dimensional problem from an Engineer’s point of view.


  • The students have undertaken technically challenging high impact design projects like a Hybrid car. solar car. Go-Kart & CNG Bike, 3D Printer, CNC lathe etc.
  • In-house lathe machine, milling machine, shaper machine, water turbine and drilling machine.
  • Industry Tie-ups with stellar organizations as JBM Group for better employability.
  • Technical Events as exhibitions, Robo wars and technical quizzes are held quite often.
  • In-house summer training program in CAD lab from second year onwards.
  • Industrial Tours to Century Papers, JBM Industries, Mahindra, Parle, Goa Shipyard and many more.