What is MPGI’s P.A.C.E. Program for placement drives? – Maharana Pratap Group of Institutions

What is MPGI’s P.A.C.E. Program for placement drives?

There are many colleges out there who only focus on teaching the book knowledge, not much emphasis is paid to the personality and other industry ready skills. On the other hand, Maharana Pratap Group of Institutions focuses not only on learning but also on the overall development of students which makes them confident and smart enough to clear competitive interviews of Multinational Companies.

What is P.A.C.E.?

MPGI’s P.A.C.E. is an acronym for Program for Advancement of Corporate Employability and as it is meant to make our students industry ready, we have given it a smart tagline – “Be Industry Ready.”

We at MPGI pride ourselves with understanding the nuances of struggles faced by the corporates. Human resource has and always will remain the backbone of any organisation and all the efforts of any human resource department is put on hiring the right talent or dealing with high levels of attrition.

How P.A.C.E. program helps?

P.A.C.E. is an extremely well thought of strategy to ensure that when the corporate hires from us, they get their workforce customized to their individual requirements. Our team sits and spends considerable time in understanding the individual organisation’s specified needs and carefully chalks out a plan to provide them what they actually want. The meeting of right talent and right job automatically ensues that the candidate stays longer in the organisation and grow on. It’s an endeavour that requires constant & conscious planning.

Key Objective of the P.A.C.E.

• Make Industry-specific professionals to cut down the training cost of recruiters.

• Customized technically trained professionals to help the organisation reduce the internship period.

• To ensure maximum joining and retention of candidates in the organization.

Our P.A.C.E. Process

MPGI focuses on lectures, mentoring and constantly, albeit gently sending recommending texts and messages to students to keep them abreast of the industry requirements. Student needs are determined in collaborated groups, wherein people of varied ages and professional qualifications participate, brainstorm, design and contribute continuously to the curriculum and extra endeavours. This helps to channelize time and energy of the students in the right direction as they are encouraged to be part of “Learning Labs”. These labs are enriched with various technological tools, faculty, experts, and mentors, all of which help students to discover their NEW SELF. At MPGI, emphasis is laid on the process of on-campus placements. Here, students have all relevant details of the companies visiting and their schedules. Many companies are invited on-campus to conduct Pre-placement talks and workshops to brief students on successful careers with them.

A Successful Career

By following the above steps throughout the course, students are slowly groomed to such a level that they crack even the trickiest interviews in companies they never dreamt of. In the end we would love to invite aspirants who are looking forward to pursue a bright career in any professional course.